Costa Rica - March 6th-10th, 2019

5 Days of raising vibrations and expanding consciousness of all souls by the beach in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.



Wednesday – Monday
March 6 at 2 PM to March 11 at 11:11 AM CST

Line Up

Knowa Lusion

LA based turntablist/producer Knowa Lusion’s music combines tribal trap, twerk, banging mid-tempo and breakbeat with deep bass, glitchy sounds, ethnic rhythms, and psychedelia.


Dov1 is one of pioneers of bass music in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a producer his sounds are rooted in heavy bass and a blending digital and organic textures.

Apaulo 8

Apaulo 8 from San Diego is more than a street b-boy ,dj, producer, singer, and emcee, he is the Interstellar Traveller on a mission spreading positive energy through fresh relevant lyrics, and hip hop beats mashed with glitch pop swag. Apaulo 8 is a member of Atlantis Rizing, Yoga Thugz, Digital Prophets and 3rd Borough.


West Coast House producer based out of Southern Oregon that strives to create and produce Sacred House Music or A.D.M. ( Ancient Dance Music ). His proprietary Sacred beats are sure to wake our ancestors.


Sinnapz is a master of sound from Tucson, Arizona. He has been mixing for over 15 years, with his roots in drum & bass. He will be fusing together some of his self produced tracks as well as tracks from a multitude of bass hitting genres including trap, glitch, fidget house and DnB.

Julian Montenegro

Costarican DJ and Producer Julian is Influenced by a range of genres that come from indie, jazz, disco, house, progressive and techno. He has traveled the world making people dance from NYC to the moon! Pura Vida!


Infected Room is a team of 3 dj’s Uriel Arkez and Neithan Barahona from Costa Rica and Jacobo Vio from Chile. Locals to Alajuela and regular dj’s at all the top Costa Rican night clubs they are recongnized for their genres in House, Tech House and Minimal Deep Tech and are sure to tear the roof off at Mana-Fest!


Costa Rican dj Wizard invites you to navigate through the journey of the music highly influenced by genres such as techno, progressive, melodic techno and a sprinkle of tech house and Magic. Wizard is not just underground he plays at Club Vertigo and is part of the DJlab roster and has made appearances on the worldwide Frisky Radio.

DJ Mush

DJ Mush es un nuevo en la ensina electrónica costarricense y comparte sus tonos melódicos y movidos como el deep house, trival, techno y tech-house. Cocinando unos sonidos sabrosos.

DJ Mush is a newcomer to the Costa Rican electronic scene and shares his melodic and moving tones such as deep house, trival, techno and tech-house. Cooking some tasty beats.


Born in Caracas, Venezuela and steeped in the mystical spiritual traditions of the East, singer/writer Dhanya is a powerful voice of the conscious music scene, a divine blend of electronic, folk, pop and soul, speak to her expansive musical range. Her radiant voice, thought-provoking lyrics and innovative sound has captivated audiences worldwide. She will also be providing some great workshops.

Chad Wilkins

Mystic Minstrel and American/Australian songwriter Chad Wilkins raises our vibration and rocks us with rootsy folk anthems that give voice to our cry for spiritual transformation, harmony with Mother Earth, and hope for a resilient and thriving future.

The Roomy Depth

The Roomy Depth focuses on conscious, uplifting and relatable lyrics that bring underground hip hop attitude to the conscious community. The duo finds inspiration from the ancient wisdom of cultures of the past and brings it into the current age with the goal of healing societal problems through art and expression.

Dave Norwoods

Dave is from Hollywood and multiple dimensions. Dave has traveled the world playing his angelic musical instruments that include hand pan, djembie drum and guitar. You could describe his genre as pop rock alternative original high vibe music, check out his albums!

Lola Lisner

Lola is a french born superstar that will be lighting us on fire with her flaming fans. She is a resident performer in Las Vegas and will be dancing high in the caribbean air with her ariel arts performance. Lola will also be holding meditation, yoga and spirituality workshops!

Yogi Grant

Grant Ifflander runs his own yoga studio in Chandler, Arizona and has taught abroad in Costa Rica and England. He has studied a variety of styles and lineages in various places including India, San Francisco, and London. Grant’s passion for the ancient practices of yoga will inspire you with his sunrise yoga sessions and unique workshops.


Diskordea is a flow artist and fire dancer from Tucson Arizona. She uses the meditative energy of flow as a way to heal and promote confidence. Her hope is to see flow arts become a global trend. She will be hosting a workshop on hooping and creating illusive visuals through her fire dance.

Lucia Light Machines

We are beings of light. The Lucia N°03 Light Experience utilizes a combination of solid and flickering light from LED and full spectrum halogen bulbs to create a profound psychedelic inner journeying experience. With eyes closed light waves enter the body via the retina stimulating the brain and permeating the entire living matrix of the body. These frequencies gently entrain brainwaves into a deep meditative state as lush landscapes of color float by. Immersed in this kaleidoscopic world, light travelers are faced with the profound beauty of their very own quantum consciousness incapsulated in the present moment.

Mana-Fest MANIFESTATION Manafesto

Mana-Fest is a gathering of souls with the intention to raise the vibration of all beings and the planet 🌎 The festival will be located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica 🇨🇷 in the small Rasta beach town Puerto Viejo. The festival venue is a colorful beachside hostel called Rocking J’s, a hidden gem covered in mosaics, art and a one of a kind massive floating Mayan pyramid. Mana-Fest festivities will include yoga, DJs, live music 🎵 performances, uplifting talks, art workshops, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, meditation, sand castle building contests, hoop workshops, fire 🔥 shows, sacred plant workshops, mosaic creations, body painting, permaculture, cooking demos, healing elixir and local craft beer bar, delicious food and much more. Explore your fullest potential and let’s transcend this world to a New Earth 🌏 Where we live in harmony and abundance with all beings, nature and spirit. Come down to a “Pura Vida” place – First, Envision. Then, Mana-Fest.


General Admission


Manifest your all access pass to all of Mana-Fest’s offerings. Workshops, late night DJ’s, ceremonies, yoga, talks, demos, sand castle contests, mosaics and more.
Lodging - 5 Days


At beachside Rocking J’s there is something for everyone. They offer private and shared rooms, hammocks with locker, tents with mattress and locker and also the bring your own tent option.

Parking Pass


If you have a vehicle you need parked for the duration of the festival, you need a Parking Pass. You may also pay for parking at the gate. Limited RV and bus space available.

Our Sponsor

Mana-Fest is proud to recognize Rocking J’s Hostel for hosting this event. Rocking J’s Hostel has the ability to accomodate any participant who wants a room, or anyone who does not have their own camping gear may rent a tent in the tent space. RJ’s has been open for 16 years providing a rocking space for community and relaxation. Pura Vida.

Contact Us

Contact us for more information on lodging availability, vending, performing, and/or other general Mana-Fest info.